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Telex California LLC offers wholesale voice services to carriers and retail operators worldwide. Telex California LLC carries traffic to all possible destinations in the world, terminating calls into local PSTN and GSM networks. Our company supports both packet based H.323 and SIP interconnects. It is very simple to start doing business with Telex California LLC. We are very flexible in terms of business and flexible payments. We are offering A-Z termination with a negotiable rate and also providing both wholesale and retail quality traffic worldwide.

  • A-Z routes offer and Traffic termination.
  • VoIP Termination Solution.
  • Customer Credit Approval.
  • Customer CDR Panel(CCP).
  • Vendor CDR Panel(VCP).
  • Wholesale Carrier Solution.
  • Carrier Services.
  • VoIP Solution for Corporate Companies.
  • VoIP Reseller level.
  • VoIP Fraud Alert.
  • Quality Service Assurance to all clients.

System Features

Telex California LLC offers special stable routes and volume based Gold Rates in an effort to complement our offerings and provide you with a full VoIP Solution (Billing and Traffic Termination) for your VoIP Business. Therefore, Telex California LLC clients are sure that all the components of their VoIP business are managed with the professionalism and technical expertise. No compromise with best service and client satisfactions.

  • Wholesale Agents (VoIP Resellers) purchase voice traffic at wholesale rates.
  • Excellent voice quality.
  • Completely customizable business management platform is provided to the Wholesale Agents. This platform enables the Wholesale Agents (VoIP Reseller)
  • Using World class carrier grade Soft switches that feature SIP & H323.
  • Compatible with all types of hardware, software.
  • Top Quality Worldwide Call Routing and Voice Services supported.
  • PER SECOND billing with an Online CDR on committed volume.
  • Multiple backbone partners for every single destination/breakout.
  • Compatibility - Compatible with all types of hardware (All Gateways, Switches, Call-Router, Servers, IP phones) and also Net meeting.
  • VoIP Technical Support – Testing capabilities.
  • Integrated billing system with system generated invoice.


Telex California LLC allocated a team of qualified engineers to address all technical needs of our customers in a timely manner as they arise. Our objective in technical support is to ensure that we work with you to manage any difficult technical issues that your current team may not be able to resolve. The wealth of hardware and software knowledge that we carry in our NOC has been a cornerstone of our success and the reason why our customers have excelled in the market.

Provides complete Start-up and Growth, and Transfer of Ownership Services for Businesses.